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A+ N+ Syllabus

Computer Hardware is the combination of physical components or parts that makes the computer system. Physical components include monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, graphic card, RAM, motherboard, etc.

Networking is the field of computer science that allows computers to exchange data or information. Data can be exchanged either using cable media or wireless media.

The role of a Computer Hardware & Network Engineer is to support and maintain computer systems, desktops, and peripherals. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all hardware and equipment while ensuring optimal workstation performance. The person will also troubleshoot problem areas in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end user training and assistance where required. Install, maintain and setup LAN with Internet Connection.


According to NASSCOM, direct employment within the IT-BPO sector has reached 3.5 million, while indirect job creation is estimated at 10 million. With these available career opportunities, this is the time for hardware and networking enthusiasts to find a job and have a bright future. There is a high demand for trained and qualified professionals.

A+ N+ Syllabus

Course Modules

Duration of the courses: 50 Hours


Candidates who have basic knowledge about computers and new to networking.


Basic knowledge understanding of IPv4 and IPv6 based networks, A basic understanding of network subnetting and IP routing.


Key Benefits

A+ establishes best practices in troubleshooting, networking and security across a variety of devices to set the stage for IT careers. The certification also matches professional tech skills with communication skills.

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