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Get Trained to the future and the technology

Prompt's Training Genres

Our Training and Placement helps more than 1000+ students per year. Our skilled students performed in all interviews and they deliver what the companies are looking for and attain their career start easily. We provide real-time live projects and hands on practical sessions for all type of trainings.Our Skilled Experienced Trainers will provide you practical knowledge classes with 10+ Real Time Projects, interview question and answers, project case studies and many more to make you technical expert.

Corporate Training

We aim to provide your company with a one stop shop solution for your corporate training requirements. First class training at your company location delivered by experts in their field, hand-picked for businesses.No two clients are the same. We do not believe in the methodology that one size fits for all. We have fixed training modules but customizable modes of training delivery. We are of the understanding that the same module can be delivered to one client by a trainer who only trains seasoned professionals while another client might want the same content to be delivered first by someone who is more into basics and then go on to higher strata concepts. Our mission is to enable corporate companies to increase productivity and performance through their manpower resources.

Classroom Training

Whether you’re starting out and need an introduction to a subject, or have taken on a new project or new role and need to build your knowledge and skills in a specialised area, we have the course for you at our place. Each course is taught by subject matter experts who will not only assist you throughout the course but also ensure that correct knowledge is imparted and you are able to apply the essence of the course in your own professional domain. Prompt opts for instructor-led classroom training, where every trainer is trained before he interacts for with the students to be a mentor in building the industrial skills and professional attitude what exactly the industry demands. All our trainers associate as a team in training and building the various skills, hence the students never feel the difference when they are moving between various technologies in their training path.

Online Training

Study with us from most places in the world, provided you're proficient in English and have a PC with broadband internet connection. We have always been inherently flexible with this mode of training.We offer two streams of content for Online Training in ALL Courses. For experienced IT professionals – aimed to update knowledge of the existing IT professionals interested to obtain a knack of latest developments in technology. For freshers – intended to teach the required skills to the freshers, where in the focus shall begin with building a strong understanding of the basics of technology and end with a complete guidance on its latest trends. Online training is known to be called as CBT (Computer based Training), IBT (Internet based training), WBT (Web-based training), eLearning across the globe. Online Training is a Software-based teaching program installed on computer network or a computer. It is a procedure of delivering training through an electronic medium or internet without the presence of instructor or trainer.

One-One Training

One-to-one delivery of training may best meet the learning needs of individuals.The training required will often be given on a one-to-one basis that provides hands-on experience,i.e.,individual training. The training is scheduled normally at a time that best suites you, we offer regular training classes (day time classes), weekend training classes, and fast track training classes. We are mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it interesting and motivating. we provide range of career oriented courses for different segments like students, job seekers and corporate citizens.

In-House Training

This training is delivered by our organisations, IT consultants at our workplace that includes the industrial training. The course will be taken exclusively by the employees of the organisation. Students who are willing to visit our company, know our work culture, learn about technologies that are being implemented and other things can choose this training. Along with this will be the Internship training where students who are pursuing their degree can opt for training in various domains and get trained. After training, they can attend interviews with us and get hired as interns which will further proceed to working with us in our projects.

Public Courses

This training is organized away from workplace - in colleges, institutions and delivers wide range of technical workshops and seminars ensuring best placement activities for students. We have been training all NIT's, IIT's and IIM's across India providing various awareness sessions and technical seminars with latest technologies. We have revised syllabus and course content for each kind of training required with the best duration offers and placement offers. We take placement as our core process in training the students on various aspects that the industry requires.