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​Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Computer crime in today’s cyber world is on the rise in a dramatic way. Computer Investigation techniques have become widespread and are now being utilized by government, Fortune 100 companies, law enforcement and candidly any organization that is concerned about the security of their infrastructure. This course follows up on the skills gained within the Hacking Forensics course and then moves towards the area of digital forensics and computer crimes. The course goes past just the use of hacking tools, techniques and methodologies and instead covers the skills needed for hacker identification and prosecution through foot-printing techniques. Computer forensics is simply the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Duration of the courses: 120 Hours


It is strongly recommended that you attend the CEH class before enrolling into CHFI program.

Key Benefits

This course helps learners to excel in digital evidence acquisition, handling and analysis in a forensically sound manner. Acceptable in a court of law, these skills will lead to successful prosecutions in various types of security incidents such as data breaches, corporate espionage, insider threats and other intricate cases involving computer systems.

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