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​Diploma in Software Programming

Diploma in Software Programming will learn the skills needed to design software that is user-friendly, affordable and easy to maintain. Students get a good foundation in computer programming and system design as a part of their studies. It will give you knowledge in coding systems to develop software through the phases of design, development, and implementation.You will also learn the skills required for the ongoing monitoring of software programs, incorporating testing, customising, disaster recovery, and project integration and management. You will also gain skills in coding systems to develop computer programs and be able to develop business software applications and progress them through the design, development, and implementation phases.

Diploma in Software Programming

Duration of the courses: 120 Hours


Basic knowledge in computers, knowledge of computer commands and usage, knowledge of basic programming concepts and fundamental theories.

Key Benefits

On completion of this course, student will be able to create software applications that meets the client requirements and would be able to produce software products developed, implemented, tested and deployed successfully. He/She will also be able to appear for any certification exams around India and for placements with core.

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