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Computer & Laptop Specialist

In this world of rapidly growing technology. In recent years, the usage of Laptop and PC has been enhanced rapidly all over the world. No task is completed without a computer or Laptop. Most of them have their own personal computers. It plays a vital role in any technology which gets updated. A Laptop is more like a mini office where all our data and information are stored. At the same time, all the computer and laptops will have a particular lifetime, and it's parts get damaged. So there is a significant demand for servicing the Laptops and PC. This course is very beneficial and it is a technical job oriented course because a Student can learn laptop and desktop repairing servicing as a hobby.

Computer & Laptop Specialist

Duration of the courses: 120 Hours


Basic knowledge in computer parts and its functions.


Key Benefits

Our laptop repair training course helps you to enter the industry without much effort. Our trainers have industry experience, and they will instruct all our modules to let students grab all-in-one knowledge about laptop technology.

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