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Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Training has offered Linux system administra- tion courses and certi cations for over a decade. With the release of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6, we will continue to offer a job-relevant, hands-on training curriculum; a robust, performance-based certification program; and a consistent training experience worldwide. That means listening to our customers, listening to the market, and taking into account developments in the job roles and backgrounds of those administering and working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux today.

Red Hat Linux

Course Modules


  • Students will perform Red Hat installation by several different methods. Problematic installations
  • Troubleshooting, and post-install configuration will be addressed.

User and Group Administration

  • This class will cover RedHat’s user policies and user/group structure.
  • During the course of this class students will create users and user groups and customise the users’ working environment.
  • Hands on labs will work with file and directory permissions including shared directories.

Redhat Infrastructure

  • Linux file systems, RedHat’s directory hierarchy, and system start up configuration will be reviewed.
  • Configuration of different run levels and start up services will be discussed in detail.

Redhat Package Manager

  • RPM, RedHat’s package management system will be discussed and demonstrated in detail.
  • Student knowledge of software installation, removal, and updating will be verified with hands on labs for these tasks.

The Linux Kernel

  • This class will cover configuration of the Linux kernel, Red Hat kernel upgrade procedures,
  • Control and configuration of kernel modules,
  • Discussion of the /proc file system,
  • Understand how it can be used to change the operation of certain kernel configuration aspects on the fly without rebooting the OS

Rescue Modes

Students will discuss and practice troubleshooting and system rescue procedures utilising
hands on labs.

Network Services

Common network services, such as Apache, BIND, DHCP, and email will be reviewed, demonstrated, and practiced using hands on labs.


  • Basic security issues and best-practice security measures will be described and tested.
  • Configuration of TCP wrappers and utilisation of configuration files will be discussed and utilised in hands on labs

X Window System

  • This class will cover Red Hat’s graphical user environment, its features and its configuration.
  • Remote display configuration will be discussed and practiced using hands on labs

Routing, Forwarding, and Firewalls

  • Red Hat’s approach to packet routing and forwarding will be reviewed.
  • Firewall theory, tools, and procedures will be covered in detail in both lecture and hands on labs.

File System Management

  • Disk Partitioning & Managing Partitions
  • Managing Data: File System Creatio

Duration of the courses: 1-5 - 2 Months


Those interested to take up Administration opportunities in Linux domain can take this course.


Strong knowledge of Networking concepts, TCP/IP protocol stack, System Administration, WAN Administration and Basic knowledge of LINUX / UNIX.


Key Benefits

Ability to excel in Linux network & system administration.