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Security Essentials

Computer security is a field where things change daily. To stay on top you must have a strong foundation in the essentials of security.'Security' is a buzz word that is catching up with various industry verticals build on computing systems to keep the business and operations wheels moving. If you are someone who banks online, have children chatting online, shops online, pays utility bills online, downloads games and shareware, communicates over email, subscribes to a broadband connection or someone who are using a computer system at work /home, then you require to undergo "Security Essentials" training to help you guard your information assets."Security Essentials” – covering basic functions of security set-up with tools and settings for prevention of attacks as well as fixing the breach as quickly as possible using internal resources.

Security Essentials

Duration of the courses: 120 Hours


Any Office knowledge workers, non-IT person or even Home users are using computers in their office.


Basic computing skills like checking e-mails and browsing the web.

Key Benefits

On completion of this course, you would be able to bring greater value to the workplace in terms of better productivity and higher efficiency. Further, you would not be confined to the corporate space alone, but you will be a knowledgeable parent who can guide their children safely in cyberspace, the knowledgeable citizen who can safely use e-governance resources and the knowledgeable freshman who can help protect intellectual property on the net.

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