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Unixy device every day I would have said you were on drugs. But here we are today, and Unix not only forms the foundation of iOS, Mac OSX, and Android (which has become basically a Linux distro), Unix runs at the heart of many consumer devices including STBs like Roku and Playstation. It's also at the heart of online services - consumers likely visit more web sites served by boxes running Unix than any other OS.


Course Modules


  • Introduction to the UNIX Operating System
  • The Directory Structure, The vi editor, Unix Communications
  • Utilities and Filters, I/O redirection
  • Shells and controlling child processes
  • C-shell Shortcuts, Intro to C-shell Programming
  • Variables in C-shell Programming, Conditionals in C-shell Programming
  • Loops in C-shell Programming, Bourne Shell Programming Basics
  • The emacs editor, Stream Editing - sed, System Administration Intro
  • Text processing: nroff/troff
  • Text processing : LaTeX - Comparing to nroff /troff

Basic Shell Scripting

  • Shell Basics, Types of shells, Shell functionality
  • Environment, Writing first script
  • Writing script & executing basic script
  • Debugging script, Making interactive scripts
  • Variables (default variables)
  • Mathematical expressions, Conditional statements
  • If-else- elif, Test command
  • Logical operators-AND,OR,NOT, ase –esac. Loops
  • While, For, Until, Break & continue
  • Command line arguments
  • Positional parameters
  • Set & shift
  • IFS, Break & continue
  • Functions & file manipulations
  • Processing file line by line
  • Functions, Regular Expression & Filters
  • What is regular expression
  • Grep,cut ,sort commands
  • Grep patterns, SED & AWK, Processes
  • Concept of process in Unix
  • Background processes
  • Scheduling processes -At, batch & Cron
  • Misc, Trapping signals
  • String substitutions / manipulations

Duration of the courses: 120 Hours

Key Benefits

On completion of this course, candidate will gain knowledge scripting and would have opportunities working as a System Administrator, Programmer, Technical specialist in MNC’s and large companies.