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Wireshark Analysis

Wireshark is the one of the most popular network analyzer tools available worldwide. To successfully achieve Wireshark Certified Network Analyst certification, a candidate needs to establish his expertise in network analysis for security and performance purposes in an enterprise environment. The Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Program strives to test a candidate's skills and capability to troubleshoot, secure and optimize a network based on evidence found by analyzing traffic captured with the world's most popular and widely-deployed analyzer, Wireshark. This course will get you up to speed with the basics of capturing packets, filtering them, and inspecting them. You can use Wireshark to inspect a suspicious program’s network traffic, analyze the traffic flow on your network, or troubleshoot network problems.

Wireshark Analysis

Duration of the courses: 120 Hours


Anyone interested in learning to troubleshoot and optimize TCP/IP networks and analyze network traffic with Wireshark, security analysts, especially network engineers, information technology specialists.


It is strongly recommended that you attend the CEH class before enrolling into CHFI program.

Key Benefits

Good Understanding of TCP/IP Networking

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